18735637_sMary submitted this month’s “Solutions For Success” question

This month’s question:

I work hard on my practice but can’t seem to be able to sustain consistent success. I feel as if my practice is composed of Peaks and Valleys.

Mike & Dean’s Answer:

Hello Mary,

This is a great question and a common challenge shared by many practice owners.

Marcus Buckingham, a favorite business guru of mine, has helped to lead the research into the world’s best leaders, managers and workplaces. In his book, “The One Thing You Need To Know”, he discusses Sustained Individual Success.

There are twenty percenters. And then there are the rest. The twenty percenters are those few individuals who by working smart, being persistent and making appropriate contacts, manage to experience, extraordinary, repeated and sustained success. Their careers progress and they just get better and better, creating a life of success and fulfillment.

The others, the eighty percenters, seem to be much less consistent in their achievements and satisfactions. Very few actually wind up in positions where their contributions are at their peak. Which is why surrounding yourself with a few twenty percenters can prove so valuable. They can serve as our models and inspiration to reach the heights that we want in every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

How many twenty percenters do you have in your life? I have several and they constantly support and encourage me to be my best!

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