Marie submitted this month’s “Solutions For Success” question

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I co-own a small, mixed animal practice and I’m trying to balance practicing as a doctor as well as running my business. I’m doing well in both areas but “taking care of me” is suffering. How do I continue to do all that I do and build in time for self-care?

Mike and Dean’s Answer:

Hello Marie,

I love this question! You should know that “self-care” is “top of mind” for many Veterinarians in your similar position.

We usually tell Veterinarians this: “If you don’t take care of you, you will eventually run out of steam.

When that happens you’ll be no good to your team, your patients, your clients etc.”

Here are 3 simple tips to focus on that will help you begin to “take care of you”

  1. Start to manage your energy, not your time – We are all trying to squeeze in more hours in the day to get it all done. The more effective tool is to focus on managing your energy as opposed to your time.  Sometimes, during a hectic day, you may just need a few minutes to breathe and collect your thoughts. Do the 2 plus 2 technique. Breathe in slowly through your nose for 2 and then breathe out through your mouth for 2…..repeat a few times.
  2. Start slow – If you perceive that you have no time to exercise, start slow. Take a daily 10 minute walk just to get your body moving. If you’re not eating well, rather than eliminating something from your diet, add something healthy.  For example: a piece of fruit each day, drink two glasses of water, eat a salad,etc.  As you begin to add more healthy foods to your diet, the unhealthy foods will go away.
  3. “Slow Entry” to the day – We start each day with 5 minutes of gratitude. Find a peaceful spot in the morning, quiet your mind and go through a mental list of all that you are grateful for……then, set an “intention” for your day. You get to decide how you want your day to be. You are in control.