The Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program

Are you a veterinary practice owner
who recently hired new  associates?

Business Coach, Michael Linardi, and Dean Tyson DVM,
are excited to mentor a small, select group of new associates
in a 6-month, Peer Coaching experience so they can
EXCEL and SUCCEED in your practice.

Welcome to The Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program! 

We designed this program so your new associate can easily access the tools, mentoring, coaching and guidance to maximize their productivity, build their client base and ensure their success by firmly establishing a place in your practice.

You’ll see from what is included in this program that it is designed to deliver a high level of accountability, coaching and support so your new associate can soar to success!

You’ll also see that the Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program includes focused MASTERMIND support designed so new associates creates strong, vibrant, impactful relationships with their Veterinarian Excellence colleagues and are challenged and supported to grow into the type of high quality, confident doctors you envision.  We’ve found that these relationships are KEY to helping new associates move out of limiting beliefs or fears and create new ideas, thinking and beliefs about the truly great things they are capable of achieving in Veterinary Medicine.

If your associate is selected for this program…their commitment to showing up mentally and energetically is key to achieving success. We encourage them to be open to new ways of thinking and to be willing to be challenged out of their comfort zone and into being the best Veterinarian that they can be!

Why we put this group together for you.

One of the biggest challenges we hear from Practice Owners is “How do I give my new associate the tools and the training they need to powerfully step into my practice as a confident, productive doctor?”   

That challenge led us to create a program that would call these new associates forward to a more powerful place.

In this Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program your associate will receive the information, accountability and high-caliber coaching we know that you want for them so they can become incredibly successful in your practice.

We love what we do and are 100% COMMITTED to partnering with you and your associate to create the high quality, profitable practice that you want and deserve!

You want to know that your associate will propel to a level of excellence as a result of being part of this group.

Here’s a sampling of what we will cover:

Business Results:

Leveraging time and managing the daily workflow.
Identifying strengths and stepping into leadership.
Communicating effectively: enhancing their “soft skills”.
Build client relationships.
Improve efficiencies and productivity.
Clearly demonstrate a high perception of value.
Support the bottom line to create higher income.

“Michael and Dean, I wanted to thank you for a lovely retreat this weekend. Your hospitality and approachability allowed me to feel comfortable sharing things I may not normally have and I am grateful to both of you. I would just like to say…This program is FANTASTIC! Seriously, every vet should be in this program”

~Dr. Rhonda Smetana, DVM.

Personal Results:

Reducing stress for all…you, your new associate and your existing team.
Knowing that you are providing the tools and the training to give your new associate the opportunity to do their “best work for you”.
Creating a seamless transition of work and home for you and your associate.
More time for you, the practice owner, to focus on your high value items to grow your practice and achieve your vision.
Developing a new appreciation for self-care.
Identifying what makes you “Powerful” and “Unique”.

“What Are Some of the Benefits Waiting For
my Associate When they Become Part of the Veterinary Associate Success
Mentoring Program?”

Your Associate will learn…
Structure and support to help your associate neutralize their fears and step into confidence.
A step-by-step plan to help your associate leverage their time and opportunities.
A motivating and truly extraordinary peer community experience with a small group of other colleagues, designed to inspire your associate and hold them accountable to reach their goals!
Coaching to keep them thinking big and moving forward, including creating and achieving powerful, authentic goals that move them forward in their lives and in their work.
Tools to maintain a well -balanced life.
Building dynamic relationships with colleagues who understand where they are and support their vision of success.
Increased self-confidence, authority, leadership and decision making skills.
Creative, fun, inspiring and motivational coaching to help them solve problems, stay on track and keep making progress towards their goals.

“After every session, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders.”

“After completing the Veterinary Success Mentoring program, I am more confident and
have less anxiety at work and in my personal life. After every session, I felt a weight
lifted off of my shoulders. I will continue to use the strategies discussed to improve my
daily wellbeing and advance my career. Thank you, Michael and Dean, for creating a
beautiful and much-needed program for the veterinary profession. “

~Dr. Kimya Davani, VMD

The Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program is a 6-month Commitment.

When your associate commits to this program, they receive…

Kick-Off 2 Day Retreat


An “In person” retreat in Easton, Maryland. The retreat will be scheduled at the beginning of our 6-month program, for maximum impact.

This business retreat is the “kick-off” to our work together for the next 6-months. The retreat is a dynamic, synergistic experience allowing your associate the opportunity to step away from commitments, connect with fellow colleagues and get focused on the results they want for themselves, for you and your practice.

6 Monthly Private Coaching Sessions


Each month you’ll receive a scheduled private 45-minute coaching session with me. For your convenience these sessions will be held on the phone. To get maximum value from each session I’ll request that you prepare in advance using a “coach session prep form”. This will help us “hone” in and focus on the outcome that you want.

Each call will be recorded and made available online for easy listening!

Weekly Audio Coaching Message


Each Monday your associate will receive an audio message via email from Michael to consistently remind them to “step into your strength.”

These brief audios are designed to allow you to kick-start your week in a powerful way!

Weekly Accountability Tracking Form

Completed by you & reviewed PERSONALLY by Michael and Dean

Accountability is the key to achieving your goals! Every Friday, you will receive a 3 question tracking form.

You will also be part of the Veterinary Associate Success Private Facebook Group. This is a wonderful way to stay in communication with one another, discuss past and future calls, ask for support, collaborate, and share experiences.

Book Selected by Michael and Dean

This book will be specially selected by Michael and Dean, mailed to your associate in the first month.

The book will serve as a focus and discussion tool for your associate’s particular goals. The book is chosen for its ability to support your associate’s desired outcomes.

You cannot open a book without learning something.”
– Confucius

“Michael and Dean, Thank you so much for the retreat this weekend to kick-off our “6-month Veterinary Associate Success” group. It was very encouraging to realize that many vets struggle with the same issues and hindrances and I look forward to working with the group to continue to overcome my own. Thank you both for all you have done and continue to do. You are both greatly  appreciated!”

~Dr. Stephanie Tornaquindici, DVM

The Veterinary Associate Success Mentoring Program is FOR YOU IF…

You’re willing to TAKE ACTION even if it might feel scary at times (in an exciting way).
You are willing to be DECISIVE, seek (and speak) your truth and claim what you want.
You’re willing and able to COMMIT 100% to your own growth, show up fully and ask for support.
You’re willing to TRY SOMETHING NEW and stretch beyond your current experience or knowledge.
You have a DREAM that you are committed to achieving.

READY to give your associate an incredible opportunity to do their best work
for you and your practice?

Have your associate complete the application NOW.

  Your associate receives ALL this….

A Powerful 2-day Group Retreat


6-monthly PRIVATE Coaching Sessions with Michael


6-monthly Group MENTORING calls with Michael & Dean


Weekly Monday Motivational Audio Messages


Weekly Accountability Tracking Form (completed by you and reviewed PERSONALLY by Michael and Dean)


Audio recording of each Group Mentoring Call


Book, selected by Michael & Dean


Special Surprise Bonuses along the way!!

READY to have your associate
fill out the application? There are a limited number accepted so don’t Wait.

Our Personal “Make You Happy” Guarantee!

It’s really important to us that this coaching program resonates for you because if your heart’s not in it, what’s the point, right?

While we are 100% confident you’re going to love what you’re going to learn, we want you to feel at ease making this decision. So, if you’re not completely satisfied after the first 30 days, we’ll refund your investment!