We ALL need time to RELAX and RECHARGE. Whenever I’m starting to feel the signs of being in overwhelm, I’m reminded of the need to refill my well. I was once told, many years ago, that if my well was half empty, my energy is low and I can’t be my best to anyone or anything around me. I first need to refill the well and then I can give my all in my life, my work and our practice.

Vacation is the best way for me to RECHARGE. Taking a vacation to a place that nourishes me is my method of quieting my mind, relaxing, recharging and rethinking. If a two week vacation isn’t an option now try a weekend get-a-way or even a day. Pick a spot that allows you to quiet your mind and escape the busyness of the day.

When you arrive at that quiet spot, here are a few questions to ask yourself?

  • Am I happy with how I’m going to spend my day each morning when I wake up?
  • Is my practice all that I would like it to be?
  • How would I like the last quarter of 2015 to be different?
  • What action am I taking to make this happen?

If you and/or your leadership team would like to RELAX, RETHINK AND RECHARGE……check out my Strategic Planning VIP Day Retreat. This is a wonderful way to get away from the day to day and get real clarity about the future of your Practice.