I was at one of my clients a few weeks ago.  This is a typical 4 doctor, Small Animal Veterinary practice.

They had a very difficult day the previous week which all could have been avoided if a system was in place, communicated to all and followed by all.

It was a typical 2 doctor day, with scheduled appointments, a few surgeries, discharges, and a few non-urgent “fit ins”. Then, as will happen in Veterinary Medicine, a “hit by car” emergency comes in and chaos erupts. There were doctors screaming at techs, techs not knowing what they should focus on, CSR’s upset, etc.

The problem all boiled down to one thing, No “emergency system” has been co-created, communicated and followed.

A system is simply a step-by-step plan to follow…..from A to Z.  For example:

Step 1—An Emergency system begins with the incoming call. The CSR takes the call, gets as much information as she can, asks the client how long it will take them to get to the hospital.

Step 2—Alert the team that a “hit by a car” is coming in at 2:10 pm.

Step 3—This may be a quick huddle with the team. Identify which doctor has the skill set and time in the schedule to handle the emergency, which techs can be available at 2:10 to assist.

Step 4—Who will watch for and greet the client in the parking lot? Will they need help getting the animal into the hospital?

Step 5—Continue with immediate next steps.

Can you see how this plan of action will eliminate confusion, identify “point people” and create efficiency, flow and an opportunity for the team to practice their best medicine for the patient?

What systems do you currently have in your business? Are they working? Do they need to be tweaked? Does a new system need to be created?

A great way to approach this and not be overwhelmed is to identify your “top toleration” in your business? What’s the thing that causes the most stress and frustration for the team? Is there a system in place to handle that top toleration?

If not, co-create a system with your team; discuss how to follow and what to do if certain members of the team choose not to follow it.

A system is only as good as those who follow it.

Good luck!