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Six Critical Questions for Veterinary Leaders

In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni reveals the importance of alignment and clarity in any organization.

If Veterinary Practice Owners, managers and the leadership team can create a sense of alignment and clarity within their practices they are well on theory way to healthy organization.

Patrick discussed six critical questions that must be answered together, not in isolation, to achieve that level of clarity.

  1. Question #1 – Why do we exist? What is our Practice’s underlying reason for being? It’s core purpose?  Answer this question again and again to reach the final “why”.
  2. Question #2 – How do we behave? – This question can easily be answered through core values. Core values like integrity, respect, teamwork will easily define how the practice and the employees behave on a day to day basis.
  3. Question #3 – What do we do? This is the easiest question to answer. No need for flowery words, just a one-sentence description of what you do.
  4. Question #4 – How will we succeed? When leaders answer this question they are determining their strategy. Patrick recommends choosing three “Strategy anchors” that will inform every decision the organization makes.
  5. Question #5 – What is most important, Right now? – Every Veterinary Practice must have a top priority, that most important thing, at any given time.
  6. Question #6 – Who must do what? The leadership team must be clear on who does what. All must know and agree on what everyone does. Take the time to work through these questions and watch the positive changes happen in your practice.

*Reprinted from the book, “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni

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